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Trip down memory lane

Since our conception in 2019, we have evolved into a multidisciplinary team of people shared around the common goal of creating meaningful and out-of-the ordinary experiences.

Waking Life 2019:
Paradise Trips

Our first time working together. Using the Casa Marmelada on Waking Life as a starting point for different trips. We gather people and send them around the lake, activate them with surprise activities and never tell what is about to happen.

The Space Between 2020

in 2020 we developed a set of online experiences and challenges during the the space between. An online Waking Life experiment and project developed as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and consequential lockdown.

Horst Festival 2021:
The Wedding

Horst Festival reached out and wanted us to do something on their hidden stage. We developed a secret wedding party experience.

Horst Festival 2022:
Horst & Found

Our second time on Horst Festival we designed a speed dating concept, again tucked away in an unremarkable, hidden part of the site: a secret entrance between some of the toilets.

Waking Life 2022:
Casa Marmelada

This Waking Life Edition is one were we curated a complete 4-day program inside and around the Casa Marmelada. A very secret program, let’s be clear. We like surprises and we never share our line-up. The Casa Marmelada is always open, sometimes closed. We organized workshops, gave local musicians and international performers a small stage to hypnotize the crowd and create experiences. And of course we turned the Casa into a small travel agency and sent folks on paradise trips.

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