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We are Buro Crato

We believe in a world of trust, connection and love between all people.

We curate sensorial connections and design experiences focused on facilitating encounters between human beings.

Our Story

In the summer of 2019, all of a sudden and by pure coincidence, Buro Crato was born. Actually it happened before we even noticed ourselves. We all met on the site of Waking Life Festival, near Crato, Portugal. Some of us were already involved in the festival, others were merely visiting and started to help out. But something happened around that time, that’s for sure.

A contagious positivism took a hold of us. We flocked together and we still do.


We decided to channel energies, to complement each other’s skill sets for the greater good. Now we are programming, curating and creating experiences.

On festivals like Horst (BE) and Waking Life (PT).

We Are

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